Constitutional Conservative


Deep Southeast Missouri Roots

Missouri Born & Bred

Jason Bean’s life has been defined by hard work on the family farm and service to others in the agricultural community. Raised in the Bootheel, Bean is a fifth generation Missouri family farmer. He lives on the same farm where he grew up and where his father Otto Bean, Jr. taught him to farm as a young boy.

Bean’s paternal grandfather was one of the original farmers and loggers who helped transform southeast Missouri swamp land into the some of the most productive farmland in the United States. His mother’s family built their business in the Peach Orchard community, establishing a cotton gin, grain elevator, and company store on their farming operation.

Jason took his lifelong love of agriculture to the University of Missouri – Columbia where he graduated majoring in Agronomy and minoring in Animal Science. He worked at Foundation Seed full time while attending MU and worked at a hog farm on the weekends as well to learn more about all aspects of agriculture.

Building the Family Farm

Following in his father’s footsteps, Jason returned home and has grown the family farm into a successful agribusiness encompassing retail sales and a large farming operation.

Through better management, innovation, and the use of new technology, Jason doubled the productivity of his farming operations and watched his agribusiness grow over the last two decades. Jason and his family have weathered a downturn in the agricultural economy where commodity prices have declined by more than 20 percent and the costs required to produce a crop have doubled. Jason’s experiences have led him to strongly believe government can do better with less, and taxpayers should expect more from their representatives.

Agricultural Career

The principles Bean learned building and growing his farm and business led him to be a Constitutional Conservative, believing strongly in standing up for liberty and personal rights. As an agri-businessman, he knows first-hand the value of property rights and how governmental overregulation can stifle growth and innovation.

Jason knows that to bring better and higher-paying permanent jobs to this region we need to recruit businesses and industries that compete on a global scale. Jason served on the United Soybean Board from 2002 - 2011, where he participated in trade missions around the world which led to increasing American soybean exports over 50%.

Jason worked with fellow producers on the USA Rice Farmers Board and the National Cotton Council, and through their efforts enhanced global exports of cotton and rice. These efforts helped to reduce trade deficits, increase jobs, and strengthen the American economy. Jason will use that experience to push the Jefferson City bureaucrats to aggressively market Missouri-made products in world markets, which will bring back permanent jobs and opportunities for our region.

Jason was elected by his peers to chair the Advisory Board of the Fisher Delta Research Center and served as interim Superintendent of the University of Missouri’s top agricultural research facility. The Fisher Delta Research Center -- consisting of seven modern research labs, eight greenhouses, and five different research locations -- is helping farmers all over Southeast Missouri and throughout the United States improve production and put more money back into their communities.

Over time, Jason Bean has become an expert and leader in Missouri’s largest industry - Agriculture - which generates more than $88 billion a year for Missouri’s economy. Jason’s service has been recognized by both Republicans and Democrats. Multiple Missouri Senators and Governors have appointed him to serve on agriculture advisory and advocacy groups. Jason was awarded the 2015 Missouri Governor’s Award for Agricultural Achievement and the 2019 Southern Cotton Ginners Agricultural Achievement Award. Jason is a Missouri Farm Bureau member and was appointed to serve as a Missouri Agriculture and Small Business Development Authority Commissioner.

Father, Husband, Outdoorsman

Bean has loved the outdoors throughout his life and is an avid fisherman, hunter, and member of the NRA. He grew up attending Peach Orchard Baptist Church (built by grandfather) and now attends Holcomb United Methodist Church.

He and his wife Desiree are raising three children; Colin, Claire, and Otto.