Constitutional Conservative


Where he stands on Missouri Matters

Creating New Jobs

Missouri is poised to usher in a new age of prosperity thanks to its natural resources and thriving agricultural community. Constitutional Conservative Jason Bean knows how we can get there.

Training & Education

Jason supports access to technical training and other educational opportunities. His workforce development plan will prepare workers for high-demand jobs and industries. Students should learn to excel in the workplace, not just prepare for the next test.

Labor Reform

Too many good jobs have left Missouri for Arkansas and Tennessee. It’s time we put Missouri on equal footing. That’s why Jason will file legislation to allow counties to implement Right to Work by a simple vote of the local County Commission.

Wage Laws

In order to save schools and communities millions of dollars, Jason knows we must change Prevailing Wage laws. Rural Missouri schools and counties shouldn’t be forced to pay wages set by big city unions.

Frivolous Lawsuits

Liberal trial lawyers love to file frivolous, job-killing lawsuits against companies and close medical practices by skyrocketing insurance costs. Jason believes that it’s high time we stopped them from exploiting legal loopholes.

Reining in Government

Citizens know what’s best for their communities. Jason believes that it’s time to put the power back in their hands and hold the government accountable for spending, legislation, and more.

Unnecessary Regulations

When government runs wild, small communities suffer. Jason will continuously rail against government red tape and regulations by requiring periodic sunsets or reviews

Taxes & Spending

Instead of increasing taxes on citizens, government agencies should increase accountability. Most programs are funded automatically every year without reviewing whether they’re effective, accountable, or even needed. Jason supports mandatory reviews of all current government programs, as well as sunsets on any new programs passed by the legislature.

Fighting for Quality Healthcare and Education

Missouri citizens should feel good about the future. Jason is dedicated to making our state a great place to live, work, and grow for generations to come.

Affordable Healthcare

We know by now that Obamacare didn’t work. But Jason knows we can’t wait for the partisan gridlock in Washington to break. It’s time for Missouri to find its own affordable solutions through free market competition.

Better Schools

Education is the backbone of our rural communities. Our children deserve better and so do the teachers that support them. Jason wants to reduce educational burdens on families and provide students with educations that prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow.

Protecting our Rights

Conservative values are American values. In order to protect our way of life, Jason will speak up and fight against legislation that would make us second-class citizens in our own country.

Stop Illegal Immigration

Jason supports Governor Parson’s mission to send members of the Missouri National Guard to help defend the border. He also stands by an amendment that would require American citizenship to vote in Missouri elections. Jason also opposes sanctuary cities that release dangerous criminals into our communities.

2nd Amendment

As a hunter and Constitutional Conservative, Jason is a proud, lifelong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and will oppose efforts to weaken your rights through creeping infringements.

Sanctity of Life

Jason is 100% Pro-Life. Period!

Honoring Veterans

Charging veterans higher rates or needlessly penalizing them is no way to thank them for their service. Jason is committed to honoring the men and women who put their lives on the line to defend our country and stand up for our freedoms.

Defending Missouri Agriculture

Living on, owning, and operating his own farm has given Jason unique insight into the everyday concerns of Missouri farmers. He shares their struggles and priorities.

Protecting Farmers

Jason will block government attempts to meddle with, reduce, or block our right to farm. He believes that the best way to help farmers is giving them the freedom to farm.

Property Rights

Jason is a staunch defender of property rights. Eminent domain should not be used for private companies or corporate profits.